What is NOPHO?

NOPHO – the Nordic Society of Paediatric Haematology and Oncology – is a Nordic association for paediatric oncology (childhood cancer). 

NOPHO has been an organisation for Nordic paediatric oncologists, both clinically and within research, since 1982. 

Common treatment protocols have been developed, and NOPHO is now the basis for advanced, modern childhood cancer care and treatment for all active doctors, in both clinical practice and research. Common training programmes are available for members, and collaborative groups meet frequently to discuss specific diagnoses and protocols. 

NOPHO’s website serves as an important information bank.

NOBOS – the Nordic Society of Pediatric Oncology Nurses – is a parallel organisation for nurses who work with children with cancer. Every two years, NOPHO and NOBOS hold joint annual meetings and training sessions.

You can find links to NOPHO and NOBOS here.