Sending leukaemia samples to the biobank for research

Uppsala BioLab accepts patient samples that can be used in research.

Mononuclear leukocytes are prepared from bone marrow aspirates and peripheral blood using gradient centrifugation with Ficoll-Paque.

The proportion of malignant cells in the sample is measured using flow cytometry. If there is very little material from bone marrow aspirates, peripheral blood with a high proportion of malignant cells may work in analyses.

Extracted DNA and RNA from bone marrow or blood with a high proportion of malignant cells is of great value in today’s high-tech research. All material sent to Uppsala Biobank is stored for use in cancer research.

All types of samples are divided into sufficient volumes, or aliquots, for various research projects. Knowledge based on analyses that have already been carried out in other research work should be shared and made available to others.

This means that the samples in the NLBB will last longer. Research work carried out is listed under ‘Research and publications on samples from the NLBB’.

Samples are sent from across the Nordic region to the NLBB.

Registration of patient and sample data in the FreezerPro lab data system at Uppsala BioLab.

Preparation of various sample materials in accordance with SOP (standard operating procedure). Cells from blood and bone marrow, DNA and RNA from cells, serum, cerebrospinal fluid and plasma.

Placing sample products in temperature-controlled freezers.