Presentation of Uppsala BioLab

Uppsala BioLab is part of Uppsala Biobank, a research centre and a competence centre for biobank issues at Uppsala University and Region Uppsala.

At Uppsala Biobank, samples are stored for various studies, such as the NOPHO Leukemia Biobank, for use in research.

Uppsala BioLab carries out analyses for research and healthcare purposes.

Uppsala Biobank and Uppsala BioLab have a total of 25 employees, and operate in collaboration between Uppsala University and Region Uppsala.

A key task is to receive samples, prepare cells, store samples, extract biomolecules and deal with sample release requests for the NLBB (NOPHO Leukemia Biobank).

Three or four people work continuously with the NLBB’s activities, and there is also a researcher with scientific responsibility as well as a coordinator based at the children’s hospital at the University Hospital.

Samples are sent to Uppsala from all over Sweden and several other countries that are part of the collaboration. There is also a national paediatric tumour biobank for other childhood cancers at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Both activities are mainly funded by the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation to support childhood cancer research.

The biobank manager for Uppsala Biobank and coordinator for Region Uppsala’s biobank is Anna Beskow. The manager and sample collection manager for the NLBB is Arja Harila.