Presentation of the NOPHO Leukemia Biobank

The NLBB is a Nordic biobank structure designed to facilitate research on childhood leukaemia.

In 2006, LLC (the Leukemia and Lymphoma Committee) and the board of NOPHO decided to build up a Nordic biobank for future joint Nordic research. This was at the initiative of G Lönnerholm and BM Frost. A research biobank already existed from their research project (find out more here), which had been completed by that time. The samples from that collection, which was started in the early 1990s, were donated to the project. 

The sample collection is stored and managed by Uppsala Biobank. Uppsala Biobank is a research and competence centre for biobank issues at Uppsala University and Region Uppsala.

The biobank manager and the biobank coordinator for Region Uppsala is Anna Beskow. The manager and sample collection manager for the NLBB is Arja Harila.

A Nordic biobank for childhood leukemia

The NOPHO biobank is a collaborative project between Nordic paediatric oncology doctors, nurses and researchers who treat children with all types of blood cancer. It started in its current form in 2006, prior to which it was a biobank within a research project.

Structure and organization


Read more at NOPHOs homepage.

Members of the NOPHO Biobank working group

  • Chair: Henrik Hasle 
  • Past chair: Trond Flægstad
  • Denmark: Henrik Hasle
  • Finland: Olli Lohi
  • Iceland: Olafur Gisli Jonsson
  • Norway: Niklas Stabell
  • Sweden: Britt-Marie Frost  
  • Estonia: Kristi Lepik
  • Latvia: to be appointed
  • Lithuania: Mindaugas Stoskus
  • Young NOPHO clinical: Morten Krogh Herlin, Denmark
  • Young NOPHO laboratory: Maike Bensberg
  • Scientific committee: Nikolas Herold  
  • Leukemia registry: Mats Heyman 
  • Leukemia Biology: Sofie Degermann
  • NOPHO cytogenetic group: Ulrika Noren-Nystrøm 
  • Uppsala biobank: Victoria Wennberg and Maria Lindström
  • Coordinator:

NLBBs verkställande styrelse / NOPHOs lokala arbetsgrupp

  • Britt-Marie Frost, Provsamlingsansvarig, ordförande
  • Anna Beskow, Chef Uppsala Biobank, ekonomiansvarig
  • Elena Chugunova, projektkoordinator
  • Victoria Wennberg, (Spec Sjuksköterska) koordinator
  • Maria Lindström (BMA)
  • Ninni Pudas (BMA)

I dessa möten kan adjungerade personer delta för speciella frågor och kunskapsområden. BCF (Kerstin Sollerbrant), GMS (Lucia Cavelier, Jessica Nordlund, och övriga experter).